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What is 3D modeling?

A 3D model is a complete digital replica of an object. During 3D modeling, we create a fully realistic digital copy of the given object. This allows the object to be easily viewed virtually, even from a distance. It’s not just a marketing tool where we can digitally showcase objects, but we can also take measurements from the digitized 3D models.

How is a 3D model created?

We offer 3D modeling services using state-of-the-art photogrammetry solutions. Photogrammetric 3D modeling is a process where we capture high-quality photos of a spatial shape from specific angles with defined overlaps.
Photos are typically taken in a studio setting. Based on these captured images, we use a software with which we reconstruct the spatial shape by working with overlaps and matching details, thus creating a colored 3-dimensional model. This method allows us to create models of small objects as well as larger buildings.

What can a 3D model be used for?

Our 3-dimensional models have versatile uses. Our models can be easily integrated into websites shared online, allowing people from anywhere in the world to view the modeled objects. They are excellent marketing tools for realistically showcasing various artifacts. Since we use state-of-the-art photogrammetric methods to create 3D models, we can digitize objects in a completely realistic and color-true manner.

If measurements need to be taken of a specific object, it’s advisable to create a 3D model because afterwards, it’s very easy to perform any measurement on the object using a software, whether it’s distance measurement, determining inclination angles, calculating area, or volume.

Who do we recommend our 3D modeling services to?

For visual representation, it’s worth creating 3D models of artifacts because it allows objects to be digitally viewed in a completely realistic and color-true manner. This enables exhibitions to showcase their unique objects in a way that visitors can freely rotate them and view them from anywhere in the world.

For taking measurements, it’s advisable to create 3D models of objects because it allows us to digitally measure all its parameters, whether it’s distance, angle, area, or volume. Digital measurement is particularly advantageous when precise data about the object is required.

Our created models are perfectly suitable for 3D printing. If you want to replicate any small object, component, or figurine in 3D, our 3D modeling service is perfect for creating the model. We provide the models in printable formats if necessary, making it easy to print them in 3D.

Reference list​

In the summer of 2023, we surveyed the entire District VI using a drone. We made a thermal and a regular orthophoto of the district using a thermal camera drone.
(

In 2018, on behalf of an architectural firm, we made external orthophotos of the facades and the roof of the Hungarian National Bank using a drone.

In 2023, we created colored 3D models of the newly introduced Herendi porcelains using photogrammetric methods. Some of these can be viewed on our website.

In 2018, in connection with the station’s renovation, we made external orthophotos of all the facades and the hall roof using a drone.

On behalf of an architectural firm, we took external and overhead orthophotos of the office using a drone.

In 2022, in connection with the border crossing renovation, we created a basic aerial map of the entire border crossing and its surroundings using a drone.

In 2023, we made a virtual tour of one of PPG Trilak’s factories.

In early 2024, we surveyed a petrol station’s advertising column using a laser scanner and a drone on behalf of Orlen Hungary Kft. The new advertising column will be built based on these surveys.

In 2019, we took external orthophotos with a drone of the internal medicine, neurology, and urology buildings located on the campus.

In addition to the ones mentioned above, we have numerous satisfied clients by our side.

Our Prices​

We provide customized pricing for each project.

Our base hourly rate: net 6,000 HUF / hour.
No call-out fee within the Budapest area.
Outside Budapest: net 200 HUF / km.

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If you want to order our 3D modeling service, first contact us via the contact form, phone, or email. We will prepare our personalized offer within 1 business day. On-site work depends on the size of the object, but usually, it’s completed within 1 business day. Post-processing typically takes up to 2 business days, so the 3D modeling of the object can be completed within a week from the initial contact.
We provide the 3D model in its original offline format, which can be viewed using various 3D viewing programs. Additionally, we provide the digitized model through the Sketchfab external service interface, allowing it to be easily viewed, shared, or embedded into a website using HTML code.
For a price quote, please contact us via the contact form, phone, or email, and we will prepare our personalized offer within 1 business day.


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