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What is a virtual tour?

A virtual tour is a digital experience that allows visitors to explore a specific location without physically traveling to the site. Virtual tours enable visitors to interactively discover the space or environment, whether it’s a hotel room, property, or museum.

The advantage of virtual tours is the freedom they offer; visitors can view what interests them and navigate wherever they like. Virtual tours provide a more comprehensive presentation of a property or hotel room compared to using just photos or videos, as they allow exploration from every angle.

How is a virtual tour created?

We create our virtual tour service using a specialized 360-degree camera. We capture spherical panorama photos approximately every 2 square meters in the area, which are then stitched together with software. The result is an interactive space where users can freely navigate, as if they were physically present.

A virtual tour is not just a static series of images but a three-dimensional model that can be fully explored. During the creation of a virtual tour, a 3D model and floor plan are also generated for the property

virtuális túra - virtual tour

Who do we recommend our virtual tour service to?

We recommend our virtual tour service to those who want to impress and bring the presentation experience closer to potential visitors.

Real estate agents

For real estate agents, it’s an excellent tool as it allows detailed and interactive presentations of properties, facilitating the sales process. Potential property buyers can explore the property remotely, discovering details and points of interest. Using a virtual tour greatly simplifies the sales process and enhances the user experience.


For hotels, it’s a perfect marketing tool, as visitors can get a real-time glimpse into the atmosphere of unique places, attracting them to the location. With a virtual tour, it’s possible to enhance the customer experience during the decision-making phase; potential guests can easily compare and select the room or apartment they want to book.


We also recommend our virtual tour service to museums, as virtual tours make exhibitions accessible not only physically but also in the online space. With a virtual tour, the number of museum visitors can  be increased, providing an excellent experience for remote visitors. Museums can reach not only their local but also global audience, promoting cultural values and exhibitions to a wider audience.

What can a virtual tour
be used for?

A virtual tour is an extremely versatile and effective tool that can be used for various purposes. It can be easily integrated into any website and can also be embedded on various map service platforms, making the desired accommodation, business premise, property, or museum accessible to a wide audience.

The service not only provides a spectacular and detailed virtual tour but also simultaneously creates a 3D model and floor plan, aiding in understanding the internal spaces. The service not only offers an aesthetic experience but also serves as an effective marketing tool for real estate agents, hotels, museums, and other businesses, greatly enhancing their online presence.

Digitalization inside and out!

Reveal more than just the interior of the property!

We are the first in Hungary to offer the simultaneous digitalization of both the exterior and interior of a property.

Using drone technology, we create a 3D model of the building’s exterior, which is then linked to the virtual tour of the property. Users can admire the property not only from the inside but also from the outside. 

Exterior digitalization can significantly increase interest in accommodations, residential properties, and museums that have visually appealing exteriors.

Virtual staging

Furnish your property!

With our completely unique service, we offer the opportunity to digitally furnish properties in 3D.

With our service, you can virtually furnish the empty spaces of the property completely personalized. You can place furniture, objects, or any item virtually in the space.

This service is a tremendous help for interior designers, making the design process more cost-effective and faster.

Property sales also become simpler and faster, as it can be shown what possibilities lie in the given space with the placement of furniture or objects.

Reference list​

In the summer of 2023, we surveyed the entire District VI using a drone. We made a thermal and a regular orthophoto of the district using a thermal camera drone.
(

In 2018, on behalf of an architectural firm, we made external orthophotos of the facades and the roof of the Hungarian National Bank using a drone.

In 2023, we created colored 3D models of the newly introduced Herendi porcelains using photogrammetric methods. Some of these can be viewed on our website.

In 2018, in connection with the station’s renovation, we made external orthophotos of all the facades and the hall roof using a drone.

On behalf of an architectural firm, we took external and overhead orthophotos of the office using a drone.

In 2022, in connection with the border crossing renovation, we created a basic aerial map of the entire border crossing and its surroundings using a drone.

In 2023, we made a virtual tour of one of PPG Trilak’s factories.

In early 2024, we surveyed a petrol station’s advertising column using a laser scanner and a drone on behalf of Orlen Hungary Kft. The new advertising column will be built based on these surveys.

In 2019, we took external orthophotos with a drone of the internal medicine, neurology, and urology buildings located on the campus.

In addition to the ones mentioned above, we have numerous satisfied clients by our side.

Our Prices​

We provide customized pricing for each project.

Our base hourly rate: net 6,000 HUF / hour.
No call-out fee within the Budapest area.
Outside Budapest: net 200 HUF / km.

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If you would like to order our virtual tour creation service, first contact us via the contact form, phone, or email. We will provide you with a personalized quote within 1 business day. The on-site work depends on the size of the area; usually, it takes 1-2 business days to complete. Post-processing typically takes place within 3 business days, so the ordered virtual tour can be completed within a week from the inquiry!

The virtual tour we create is presented on the Matterport external service platform. It can be viewed online, and the interactive virtual tour can be shared via a link. Virtual tours can be easily embedded on websites using HTML code, and they can also be uploaded to various map service platforms (Google Maps, Apple Maps), allowing visitors to view the building directly from the map.

What are the costs of a virtual tour?

The cost of creating a virtual tour consists of two parts. The first cost is the fee for creating the virtual tour. Contact us, and within 1 business day, we will prepare a personalized quote for your project!

Additionally, if you want to publicly display the virtual tour on a website or on various map service platforms, a monthly subscription fee must be paid to the Matterport external service provider. This varies depending on the package and is typically a few USD.



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